[Create] How do I add text or resize text?

To add text, tap the "+" icon or tap on the blank spot of the canvas and select “Add Text”. Type your message in and then tap the "Options" button below the text box to change the font and color of the text.

Please refer to the instruction collage below.



If you want to resize the text, you can use your finger or the dot at the corner to enlarge or shrink the text box.
If you want to change the number of lines, 
- iOS: you can stretch/shrink the text box horizontally to change the line
- Android: you can change the line in text editing mode (directly put the words in next line when typing)

Please refer to the instruction collage below.

If you want to edit the font after it is done, please just double-tap the text, and the text editor will pop up with all the options below the text message box. 

1.2 Create and Edit Collages

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