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  1. Change language displayed in Pic Collage

  2. Copyright on photos from web

  3. Delete a collage from My Profile

  4. Disable Push Notifications from Pic Collage

  5. How to preview a collage on share menu

  6. More Fonts (Pic Collage)

  7. PicCollage for schools

  8. Print from home on an Android device

  9. Recover a deleted collage

  10. Refund on Android Device

  11. Refund on iOS Device

  12. Remove notification dot from Pic Collage

  13. Resize full collage (change collage size) in Pic Collage

  14. Retrieve old collages in Pic Collage after changing device (How to get my collages back?)

  15. Sync My Collages

  16. Teacher's Ambassador Program

  17. Win10 - resize text and images

  18. Win10 Mobile

  19. Win10: How do I turn my collages from landscape to portrait?

  20. [Account] Change password in Pic Collage (forget/reset password)

  21. [Account] Change username in Pic Collage

  22. [Account] Create an account (sign up with Facebook/E-mail) in Pic Collage

  23. [Account] Create two accounts in Pic Collage

  24. [Account] Delete account in Pic Collage

  25. [Account] Log in to/log out of my account in Pic Collage

  26. [Account] Switch between Facebook accounts on PicCollage

  27. [Account][Glitch] Password link is not working in Pic Collage

  28. [Android] Alta Resolución

  29. [Android] Can't find my previous collages since the new update on Android (collage missing)

  30. [Android] Can't use PicCollage after updating to Android 6.0

  31. [Android] Erro ao salvar em dispositivos Android

  32. [Android] Error al guardar en dispositivos Android

  33. [Android] Higher resolution in Pic Collage

  34. [Android] Missing collages/stickers on Android (My collages are gone!)

  35. [Android] Share photo reminder

  36. [Android][Social] How to comment in Pic Collage?

  37. [Android][拼貼][編輯]貼圖預覽圖都跑不出來

  38. [Cartão] Como faço para imprimir as colagens?

  39. [Cartão] Quanto custa imprimir e enviar um cartão postal PicCollage?

  40. [Compras] Associação VIP na Pic Collage

  41. [Compras] Cancelación/Reembolso de mi Membresía VIP en Pic Collage

  42. [Compras] Cancelamento / Reembolso da minha associação VIP na Pic Collage

  43. [Compras] Cobros de suscripción no autorizados

  44. [Compras] Contenido VIP en Pic Collage

  45. [Compras] Conteúdo VIP em Pic Collage

  46. [Compras] Encargos de assinatura não autorizados

  47. [Compras] Eu não consigo acessar conteúdo VIP em Pic Collage

  48. [Compras] Localização do conteúdo VIP em Pic Collage

  49. [Compras] Membresía VIP en Pic Collage

  50. [Compras] No puedo acceder al contenido VIP en Pic Collage

  51. [Compras] Restaurar mis compras en Pic Collage

  52. [Compras] Ubicación del contenido VIP en Pic Collage

  53. [Conta] Como criar uma conta (cadastre-se/com o Facebook)?

  54. [Conta] Como entrar/sair da minha conta?

  55. [Conta] Como faço para alterar minha senha?

  56. [Conta] Como faço para configurar meu perfil privado?

  57. [Conta] Como faço para desativar Push Notifications?

  58. [Conta] Como faço para entrar Pic Collage com diferente conta no Facebook?

  59. [Conta] Como faço para mudar minha imagem de perfil?

  60. [Conta] Como faço para restaurar adesivos comprados anteriormente?

  61. [Conta] Como fazo para excluir minha conta?

  62. [Conta] O PicCollage tem uma versão desktop?

  63. [Conta] [Android] Melhor Resolução

  64. [Conta] [iOS] School Settings

  65. [Conta] [iOS] Tenha acesso a fotos da Biblioteca

  66. [Conta] Como posso alterar o meu nome de usuário

  67. [Crash] Did Pic Collage crash? Is Pic Collage not working? Help!

  68. [Crear] Agregar fotos o imágenes a Pic Collage

  69. [Crear] Agregar stickers a Pic Collage

  70. [Crear] Agregar texto (editar texto) a Pic Collage

  71. [Crear] Cambiar un fondo (Foto o imagen como fondo) en Pic Collage

  72. [Crear] Crear collages horizontales en Pic Collage

  73. [Crear] Obtener más stickers en Pic Collage

  74. [Crear] Tarjetas en Pic Collage

  75. [Create] Add GIF images to Pic Collage

  76. [Create] Add photos from Web Search to Pic Collage

  77. [Create] Add photos/pictures to Pic Collage

  78. [Create] Add stickers to Pic Collage

  79. [Create] Add/resize/re-edit text to Pic Collage

  80. [Create] Cards

  81. [Create] Change background in Pic Collage

  82. [Create] Draw/doodle in Pic Collage

  83. [Create] Grids

  84. [Create] Landscape collage

  85. [Create] Search a background from the web in Pic Collage

  86. [Create][Android] Start a collage from your own photo gallery?

  87. [Criar] Como faço para adicionar adesivos?

  88. [Criar] Como faço para adicionar fotos / imagens?

  89. [Criar] Como faço para adicionar texto (edição de texto)?

  90. [Criar] Como faço para definir o fundo ?

  91. [Criar] Como faço para obter mais adesivos?

  92. [Editar] Cambiar bordes de foto o imagen en Pic Collage

  93. [Editar] Cambiar capa de fotos/sticker/texto en Pic Collage

  94. [Editar] Cambiar el tamaño del collage en Pic Collage

  95. [Editar] Cambiar tamaño de fotos/stickers/texto en Pic Collage

  96. [Editar] Categorias de Modelo

  97. [Editar] Como criar uma colagem no modo paisagem?

  98. [Editar] Como desenhar sobre a montagem

  99. [Editar] Como faço para ajustar o tamanho das fotos / adesivos?

  100. [Editar] Como faço para cortar uma foto (clip foto / imagem; cortar foto / imagem)?

  101. [Editar] Como faço para editar Borda (Alterar Moldura)?

  102. [Editar] Como faço para editar fotos (Adobe)?

  103. [Editar] Como faço para excluir (foto / adesivos / texto) em minha colagem?

  104. [Editar] Como faço para excluir uma colagem da "Minha conta"?

  105. [Editar] Como trocar o tamanho da moldura?

  106. [Editar] Como trocar o tamanho da sua montagem

  107. [Editar] Cortar una foto o imagen en Pic Collage

  108. [Editar] Dibujar en un collage en Pic Collage

  109. [Editar] El límite para agregar fotos en Pic Collage

  110. [Editar] Existe a função de gravação automática em Pic Collage?

  111. [Editar] Guardar Collages (Explorar/MisCollages/MiCuenta) en Pic Collage

  112. [Editar] O número limitado para adicionar fotos

  113. [Editar] Quitar fotos/stickers/texto en Pic Collage

  114. [Editar] [iOS] Endereitar Fotos

  115. [Editar] [iOS] Enderezar las fotos en Pic Collage

  116. [Edit] Adjust the size of photos/ stickers/ texts in Pic Collage

  117. [Edit] Change collage canvas size in Pic Collage (1:1, 2:3, full screen)

  118. [Edit] Crop a photo in Pic Collage (clip photo/ picture; cut photo/ picture)?

  119. [Edit] Delete a collage in Pic Collage

  120. [Edit] Delete multiple collages at once in Pic Collage

  121. [Edit] Delete/ remove scraps (picture/ stickers/ text) on my collage?

  122. [Edit] Duplicate collages in Pic Collage

  123. [Edit] Edit a collage saved in My Collages in Pic Collage

  124. [Edit] Edit old collages in Pic Collage?

  125. [Edit] Edit/change photo borders in Pic Collage (frames)

  126. [Edit] Image layer in Pic Collage (push image to the back and bring it to the top)

  127. [Edit] Limited number for adding photos to Pic Collage

  128. [Edit] Set a picture as background in Pic Collage

  129. [Edit] Undo/Redo changes in Pic Collage

  130. [Glitch][Android] Can't save collages in Pic Collage

  131. [Glitch][Android] Pictures black out when saving/sharing collage in Pic Collage

  132. [Guardar] Función de guardado automático en Pic Collage

  133. [iOS] Acceso a tus fotos de tu iPhone/iPad

  134. [iOS] Collage is cropped after saved to Camera Roll

  135. [iOS] Collect images to "My Collection" in Pic Collage

  136. [iOS] Get access to Photos from Library

  137. [iOS] MDM system for school

  138. [iOS] Restore PicCollage

  139. [iOS] School Settings

  140. [iOS] Search stickers in Pic Collage (Sticker categories and search bar)

  141. [iOS] Sticker Pack Recommendation

  142. [iOS] Use Pic Collage on iMessage

  143. [iOS][Glitch] Pic Collage is stuck at installing (I can't install the app)

  144. [iOS][Social] Report/delete a comment in Pic Collage

  145. [Mi Cuenta] Como Acceder/Salir de mi cuenta de Pic Collage

  146. [Mi Cuenta] Como cambiar tu contraseña en Pic Collage

  147. [Mi Cuenta] Como cambiar tu nombre de usuario de Pic Collage

  148. [Mi Cuenta] Como crear una cuenta (Ingresar/con Facebook o Email) en Pic Collage

  149. [Mi Cuenta] Como eliminar tu cuenta de Pic Collage

  150. [Mi Cuenta] Como entrar a Pic Collage con diferente cuenta de Facebook

  151. [Mi Cuenta] Como establecer la privacidad de tu cuenta de Pic Collage

  152. [Mi Cuenta] Desactivar notificaciones en Pic Collage

  153. [Mi Cuenta] [iOS] School Settings o Ajuste Escolar en Pic Collage

  154. [Pesquisa] Como faço para procurar colagens e usuários?

  155. [Pesquisa] Como você pode ver quem curtiu suas colagens?

  156. [Pesquisa] Coração uma colagem (Explorar / Minha Conta)

  157. [Pesquisa] Responda e Comente sobre uma colagem (Explorar / Minha Conta)

  158. [Privacy] Can others see my collages in Pic Collage?

  159. [Privacy] If I don't have an Pic Collage account, will my photos be shared with others?

  160. [Privacy] Set account to private in Pic Collage

  161. [Purchase] Restore purchased items in Pic Collage

  162. [Purchase] Why does PicCollage charge for stickers and backgrounds?

  163. [Purchase][iOS] Can't restore or buy items in Pic Collage

  164. [Save] Collage saved as a video in Pic Collage

  165. [Save] Save collages from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile

  166. [Save] Save collages to Dropbox

  167. [Seguir] Como faço para enviar uma Colagem (Explorar / Minhas colagens / Minha Conta)

  168. [Seguir] Como verificar seguidores e usuários que estou seguindo?

  169. [Seguir] Compartilhar uma Colagem (Explora/Minhas Colagens/Minha Conta)

  170. [Seguir] Salvar Colagens (Explorar / Minhas colagens / Minha conta)

  171. [Seguir] Siga um usuário e verifique seguidores

  172. [Share] Email a collage from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile

  173. [Share] How to share my collage to WhatsApp?

  174. [Share] Print a collage

  175. [Share] Share a collage from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile

  176. [Share] Share GIF collages in Pic Collage

  177. [Share] Why does it always open a specific app when tapping "others" on share menu?

  178. [Share][Social] Get the links of collages in Pic Collage

  179. [Social] Block users in Pic Collage

  180. [Social] Change your profile picture in Pic Collage

  181. [Social] Comment/Remix on a Collage in Explore/ My Profile

  182. [Social] Como buscar collages o usuarios

  183. [Social] Como conseguir más seguidores

  184. [Social] Como eliminar un collage de "Mi Perfil"

  185. [Social] Como revisar qué usuarios te siguen y a cuáles tu sigues

  186. [Social] Como saber quién le dio "Me gusta" a un collage

  187. [Social] Compartir un collage (Explorar/Mis collages/Mi cuenta)

  188. [Social] Create a contest collage in Pic Collage

  189. [Social] Dar "Me gusta" a un Collage (Explorar/Perfil)

  190. [Social] Follow/ unfollow a user and check followers in Pic Collage

  191. [Social] Get more followers in Pic Collage

  192. [Social] Get your collage featured in Pic Collage

  193. [Social] How to go to My Profile in Pic Collage

  194. [Social] How to know who liked your collage in Pic Collage

  195. [Social] How to know who remixed (commented) on the collages

  196. [Social] Like (give a heart to) a collage in Pic Collage (Explore/ Profile)

  197. [Social] Make a GIF profile pic in Pic Collage

  198. [Social] Report/block a collage in Pic Collage

  199. [Social] Responder y comentar en un collage

  200. [Social] Search for collages or users in Pic Collage

  201. [Social] Seguir/Dejar de seguir a usuarios y ver tus seguidores

  202. [Social] Settings/ Explore/Social pages in Pic Collage

  203. [Social] Turn off Social Features in Pic Collage

  204. [Social] Unblock a user in Pic Collage

  205. [Social] What is "Explore" in Pic Collage?

  206. [Video] Duración de Videos en Pic Collage

  207. [Video] How many videos can I add in a collage?

  208. [Video] How to mute video?

  209. [Video] How to trim video?

  210. [Video] Length of the video

  211. [Video] Recortar un Video en Pic Collage

  212. [Video] Silenciar un video en Pic Collage

  213. [VIP Membership] Am I being charged for Pic Collage's VIP membership unknowingly?

  214. [VIP Membership] Cancel my subscription

  215. [VIP Membership] Pic Collage subscription content is gone

  216. [VIP Membership] Refund and cancel my Pic Collage VIP membership

  217. [VIP Membership] What does Pic Collage's VIP membership include?

  218. [VIP Membership] Where is the Pic Collage content I subscribe to?

  219. [VIP Membership] Why aren't all packs included in my Pic Collage VIP membership?

  220. [VIP] VIP 方案詳細有什麼內容?/ 成為 VIP 會員後我能夠得到什麼?

  221. [VIP] 不夠多VIP素材

  222. [VIP] 取消訂閱.退費

  223. [VIP] 如何使用剛購入之素材?

  224. [VIP] 我是否在不知情的狀況下被收取付費?

  225. [VIP] 無法使用VIP素材(回復購買項目)

  226. [Watermark][Purchase] Watermark still enabled after I paid

  227. [Windows] Change canvas size on Win 10

  228. [Windows] How can I change the text size on a collage

  229. [Windows] Pic Collage desktop version

  230. [Windows] Pic Collage para computadora

  231. [Windows][Create] Add photos directly from the Internet

  232. [Windows][Create] Add photos to Pic Collage

  233. [Windows][Create] Add stickers to Pic Collage

  234. [Windows][Create] Card templates using Pic Collage

  235. [Windows][Create] Collage with grids

  236. [Windows][Create] How to Doodle in Pic Collage

  237. [Windows][Edit] How to draw on collage?

  238. [Windows][Edit] How to edit photos

  239. [Windows][Edit] How to make a portrait collage on a landscape desktop screen?

  240. [Windows][Edit] How to resize/rotate a photo inside the grid, with a mouse?

  241. [Windows][Edit] How to use the Trashcan

  242. [Windows][Purchase] Why is my saved collage blurry after buying "Save in HD" ?

  243. [Windows][Purchase] How to check your purchases

  244. [Windows][Purchase] Paid to "Remove Watermark" but watermark is still showing up?

  245. [Windows][Restore] How to back up and restore collages

  246. [Windows][Save] How to save a collage

  247. [Windows][Save] How to set lockscreen

  248. [その他] FBへの接続許可の設定変更

  249. [その他] 本アプリをアンインストールした場合

  250. [アカウント/設定] アカウントの削除

  251. [アカウント/設定] アカウントの登録

  252. [アカウント/設定] アカウント設定の命名規則

  253. [アカウント/設定] プライバシー設定/保存方法/写真選択

  254. [アカウント/設定] ログアウト(サインアウト)するには

  255. [アカウント/設定] 公開/非公開の設定

  256. [アカウント/設定]ユーザー名の変更

  257. [プリント] カード / スマホケースのプリント

  258. [ユーザー関連] コラージュの投稿

  259. [ユーザー関連] フォロー/フォロワー

  260. [ユーザー関連] プライバシーポリシー・個人情報の取り扱い

  261. [ユーザー関連] 共有範囲

  262. [ユーザー関連] 別のFacebookアカウントでログインしたい場合

  263. [ユーザー関連] 友達の検索

  264. [ユーザー関連] 投稿したコラージュを削除したい

  265. [ユーザー関連] 閲覧の「特集」

  266. [作成と編集] PCから画像/写真の取り込み・選択

  267. [作成と編集] PNGをJPEGにしたい

  268. [作成と編集] Web画像をダウンロードできない

  269. [作成と編集] カード

  270. [作成と編集] コラージュサイズの設定

  271. [作成と編集] コレクション (iOS)

  272. [作成と編集] フレームの表示・選択

  273. [作成と編集] ロゴマークと広告が抜き機能をご購入した後にもまた表示されている状況について

  274. [作成と編集] 写真の切り取り方

  275. [作成と編集] 写真の枠/ボーダー/影/シャドウ

  276. [作成と編集] 写真の追加

  277. [作成と編集] 写真やスタンプの削除

  278. [作成と編集] 写真やスタンプを上・下へ移動

  279. [作成と編集] 動画のトリミング

  280. [作成と編集] 動画のミュート(音を消す)

  281. [作成と編集] 文字の空白/改行

  282. [作成と編集] 文字列の方向の変更(縦・横)

  283. [作成と編集] 背景画像の設定

  284. [作成と編集] 落書き

  285. [作成と編集] 追加できる動画の数

  286. [作成と編集]GIF画像/Web画像素材を検索

  287. [作成と編集]Web画像を背景に設定

  288. [作成と編集]文字・フォント編集

  289. [作成と編集]高解像度・高画質の設定

  290. [保存とシェア] コラージュ画像の保存

  291. [保存とシェア] シェア共有画面項目

  292. [保存とシェア]画像がアルバムに保存できない

  293. [定期購読] VIP定期購読特典

  294. [定期購読] 定期購読コンテンツにアクセス

  295. [定期購読] 定期購読内容が使えない(復元・リストア)

  296. [定期購読] 定期購読内容が足りない

  297. [定期購読] 返金・解約

  298. [帳號] [註冊] 如何註冊拼貼趣的帳號?

  299. [帳號][密碼] 如何重新設定密碼?(忘記密碼)

  300. [帳號][隱私] 如何設定隱私功能?

  301. [拼貼][儲存] 如何儲存拼貼?(拼貼牆/ 我的拼貼本/ 我的檔案)

  302. [拼貼][分享] 如何分享拼貼?(拼貼牆/ 拼貼本/ 我的檔案)

  303. [拼貼][編輯] 如何切割圖片?(裁剪照片)

  304. [拼貼][編輯] 如何加入照片/圖片?

  305. [拼貼][編輯] 如何加入貼圖?

  306. [拼貼][編輯] 如何建立新拼貼?

  307. [拼貼][編輯] 如何編輯圖片?(邊框/ 效果)

  308. [機種変更] 機種変更しても保存/使用した、画像/スタンプが表示されますか

  309. [社交][回覆] 如何回應拼貼?

  310. [社交][追蹤] 如何追蹤其他使用者?檢視追蹤我的人?

  311. [購入] 購入済みのスタンプ・背景の復元、ダウンロード

  312. ¿Cómo hago un collage?

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