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  1. 1.1 Create and Edit Collages 

    1. [Create] Add photos/pictures to Pic Collage
    2. [Create] Add stickers to Pic Collage
    3. [Create] Grids
    4. [Create] Add GIF images to Pic Collage
    5. [Create] Add/resize/re-edit text to Pic Collage
  2. 1.2 Save and Share Collages 

    1. [Save] Save collages from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile
    2. [Share] Share a collage from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile
    3. [Share] Email a collage from Explore/ My Collages/ Profile
    4. [Share] Share GIF collages in Pic Collage
    5. [Save] Save collages to Dropbox
  3. 1.3 Store 

    1. [Purchase] Restore purchased items in Pic Collage
    2. [Purchase][iOS] Can't restore or buy items in Pic Collage
    3. [iOS] Search stickers in Pic Collage (Sticker categories and search bar)
    4. [iOS] Sticker Pack Recommendation
    5. [Purchase] Why does PicCollage charge for stickers and backgrounds?
  4. 1.4 Social Features 

    1. [Social] Settings/ Explore/Social pages in Pic Collage
    2. [Social] What is "Explore" in Pic Collage?
    3. [Social] How to go to My Profile in Pic Collage
    4. [Social] Follow/ unfollow a user and check followers in Pic Collage
    5. [Social] Get more followers in Pic Collage
  5. 1.5 Video 

    1. [Video] Length of the video
    2. [Video] How to mute video?
    3. [Video] How to trim video?
    4. [Video] How many videos can I add in a collage?
  6. 1.6 My Account 

    1. [Account] Create an account (sign up with Facebook/E-mail) in Pic Collage
    2. [Account] Log in to/log out of my account in Pic Collage
    3. [Account] Change password in Pic Collage (forget/reset password)
    4. [Account][Glitch] Password link is not working in Pic Collage
    5. [Privacy] Set account to private in Pic Collage
  7. 1.7 Others 

    1. [Crash] Did Pic Collage crash? Is Pic Collage not working? Help!
    2. Retrieve old collages in Pic Collage after changing device (How to get my collages back?)
    3. Disable Push Notifications from Pic Collage
    4. Remove notification dot from Pic Collage
    5. Copyright on photos from web
  8. 1.8 Windows 10 PicCollage 

    1. [Windows][Edit] How to edit photos
    2. [Windows][Edit] How to resize/rotate a photo inside the grid, with a mouse?
    3. [Windows][Edit] How to draw on collage?
    4. [Windows][Edit] How to make a portrait collage on a landscape desktop screen?
    5. [Windows][Edit] How to use the Trashcan
  9. 2. Español 

    1. [Editar] Como editar una foto (Adobe)
    2. [Social] Compartir un collage (Explorar/Mis collages/Mi cuenta)
    3. [Compras] Como restaurar stickers comprados
    4. [Mi Cuenta] Como desactivar notificaciones
    5. [Android] Alta Resolución
  10. 3. Português 

    1. [Editar] Como faço para editar fotos (Adobe)?
    2. [Editar] Como trocar o tamanho da sua montagem
    3. [Seguir] Compartilhar uma Colagem (Explora/Minhas Colagens/Minha Conta)
    4. [Conta] Como faço para restaurar adesivos comprados anteriormente?
    5. [Conta] Como faço para desativar Push Notifications?
  11. 4.1 作成と編集 

    1. [作成と編集] 写真の追加
    2. [作成と編集] コラージュサイズの設定
    3. [作成と編集] 背景画像の設定
    4. [作成と編集]Web画像を背景に設定
    5. [作成と編集] カード
  12. 4.2 保存、シェアとプリント 

    1. [ユーザー関連] 共有範囲
    2. [保存とシェア] コラージュ画像の保存
    3. [保存とシェア] シェア共有画面項目
    4. [作成と編集] カード / スマホケースのプリント
    5. [作成と編集]画像がアルバムに保存できない
  13. 4.3 購入 

    1. [購入] 購入済みのスタンプ・背景の復元、ダウンロード
    2. [作成と編集] ロゴマークと広告解除機能(透かしロゴ/Logo)
    3. [作成と編集] ロゴマークと広告が抜き機能をご購入した後にもまた表示されている状況について
    4. [その他] 広告について
    5. [機種変更] 機種変更しても保存/使用した、画像/スタンプが表示されますか
  14. 4.4 アカウント 

    1. [アカウント/設定] アカウント設定の命名規則
    2. [アカウント/設定] アカウントの登録
    3. [アカウント/設定]ユーザー名の変更
    4. [アカウント/設定] アカウントの削除
    5. [ユーザー関連] 別のFacebookアカウントでログインしたい場合
  15. 4.5 その他 

    1. [その他] 本アプリをアンインストールした場合
  16. 5. 中文 

    1. [帳號] [註冊] 如何註冊拼貼趣的帳號?
    2. [帳號][密碼] 如何重新設定密碼?(忘記密碼)
    3. [帳號][隱私] 如何設定隱私功能?
    4. [拼貼][分享]如何去除浮水印
    5. [拼貼][編輯] 如何切割圖片?(裁剪照片)
  17. All articles 

    1. [作成と編集] 写真の追加
    2. [ユーザー関連] 共有範囲
    3. [Purchase] Restore purchased items in Pic Collage
    4. [Account] Create an account (sign up with Facebook/E-mail) in Pic Collage
    5. [Create] Add photos/pictures to Pic Collage
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