1.2 Create and Edit Collages

  1. [Create] How do I add photos/pictures?

  2. [Create] How do I add stickers?

  3. [Create] How do I use Grids?

  4. [Create] How do I add GIF images?

  5. [Create] How do I add/resize/re-edit text?

  6. [Create] How to change background?

  7. [Create] How to search background from web?

  8. [Create] How do I set a picture as background?

  9. [Create] How to use Cards?

  10. [Create] Add photos from Web Search powered by Bing

  11. [Create] How do you create a collage in landscape mode?

  12. [Create][Android] How to start a collage from your own photo gallery?

  13. [Edit] How to edit a collage saved in My Collages?

  14. [Edit] How to delete a collage?

  15. [Edit] How do I crop a photo (clip photo/ picture; cut photo/ picture)?

  16. [Edit] How do I edit photo or add effects (Adobe)?

  17. [Edit] How do I edit photo borders (change borders) ?

  18. [Edit] How do I delete/ remove scraps (picture/ stickers/ text) on my collage?

  19. [Edit] How to change collage size?

  20. [Edit] How do I adjust the size of photos/ stickers/texts?

  21. [Edit] How to Undo/Redo?

  22. [Edit] How to change image layer?

  23. [Edit] The limited number for adding photos

  24. [Edit] Why are some of the texts cut off?

  25. [Edit] Straighten photos

  26. [Edit] Why aren't some of my symbols working?

  27. [Edit] Where are my old collages?

  28. [Edit] How to delete several collages at once?

  29. [Edit] How to duplicate collages?

  30. [Android] Missing collages/stickers on Android

  31. [Android] I can't find my previous collages since the new update on Android

  32. [Android] Higher resolution

  33. How to draw/doodle on a collage?

  34. [iOS] How to collect images to "My Collection" ?

  35. [iOS] How do I get access to Photos from Library?

  36. [Windows] How to edit photos?

  37. [Windows] How to draw on collage?

  38. [Windows] How to resize/rotate a photo inside the grid, with a mouse?

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